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Project Marton

The Project Marton Vision is that Marton is a vibrant community that celebrates its strengths, recognises its people, and where everyone feels they belong. The Project Marton team work towards this vision through activities that promote inclusivity and resilience as well as a sense of community pride. A small team of employees with the help of volunteers support the activities of other community groups, plan and implement initiatives that celebrate our town and manage large events such as the Harvest Festival, Market Day and the Marton Christmas Parade which attract large numbers of visitors.

Project Marton is focused on supporting the community with an emphasis on making Marton a great place to live work and play. What began as a channel to support local business, evolved over the years, until in 2011 Project Marton launched a strong community development focus and now devote much of their time to promoting other groups and managing the Community Garden where the office is based.

The Community Garden provides free fresh healthy organic produce to residents which can be harvested at any time of the day. A community fruit and vegetable stand is also located onsite where locals can share their excesses on the Food Wagon.


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About Marton


Come and visit the vibrant town of Marton.

Marton is located in the heart of the spectacular Rangitikei district close to both State Highway 1 and 3. With eight roads leading into Marton, locals say it is like the hub of a wagon wheel. The fertile soils, temperate climate and proximity to both Palmerston North and Whanganui are just some of the reasons that over 5000 people choose to call Marton home.



From the start Marton was an ideal supply centre for district farmers, who first began arriving in the early 1850s. From butter and wool they moved on to growing wheat in 1863, and big crops led to three flourmills being launched in the area in 1864. The township developed in the mid-1860s when four private speculators began subdividing. Established in 1866 and originally called Tutaenui: 'tu' -stand, 'tae' -arrive, 'nui' big; i.e., a 'big gathering, by Ngati Apa the tangata whenua of the Marton area, however in 1869 local citizens changed the name to Marton to honour the home village of Captain James Cook. Marton’s industry’s grew significantly in 1878 with the development of the main trunk line between Wellington and Auckland and the opening of the Marton-New Plymouth line (towards Whanganui), turning Marton into a thriving railway junction.


These days Marton is home to a range of large corporations such as Gallagher's, Nestle, ANZCO, Speirs, Collagen Solutions, Alf Downs Group and Malteurop, New Zealand’s largest malting plant as well as a bustling town centre of small businesses. Marton is a vibrant and active community with a large number of special interest groups, sporting clubs and community organisations catering to its diverse population. Marton also hosts a number of large events including the Harvest Festival, Marton Market Day and Marton Country Music Festival which each attract thousands of visitors to the town.




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